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Gum Grafting Specialist

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Gum grafting is an incredibly effective treatment solution to gum recession. At Fashion District Dental, Justin Rashbaum, DMD, specializes in treating men and women living in Midtown West, New York City, who suffer from mild to severe gum recession. To learn more about the benefits and the different applications of gum grafting, call or go online today and book an appointment.

Gum Grafting Q & A

What is gum grafting?

Gum grafting refers to the restorative surgical procedure designed to reverse the effects of gum recession. The procedure typically involves moving healthy gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and using it on the affected receding gum.

What should you expect during the procedure?

A gum grafting procedure varies according to the type of grafting needed. There are three main types of gum grafting procedures:

Connective tissue grafting

Connective tissue grafting is the most common type of grafting procedure to treat root exposure.

Dr. Rashbaum cuts a flap of skin from your palate. He then removes the tissue from under the flap and stitches it on the gum tissue surrounding the exposed root, after which he stitches the flap back down.

Free gingival grafting

Free gingival grafting also uses the tissue from the roof of the mouth. The main difference between these two types of grafting is that during a free gingival grafting procedure, Dr. Rashbaum doesn’t extract tissue from below a flap. He cuts tissue directly off the roof of the mouth.  

Dr. Rashbaum might recommend this if you have thin gums and need a thicker kind of graft.

Pedicle grafting

Pedicle grafting doesn’t use tissue from the roof of the mouth. Instead, pedicle grafts use gum tissue from around or near the affected tooth. After making an incision, Dr. Rashbaum pulls the gum over or down to cover the exposed root. Once the gum covers the root, Dr. Rashbaum sews it in place.

What should you do after a gum graft?

Dr. Rashbaum recommends that you avoid doing the following things in the days after a gum graft procedure:

  • Flossing or brushing the treatment site
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Hard food
  • Smoking

Instead, Dr. Rashbaum can recommend special mouthwash to control plaque build-up, prescribe antibiotics to reduce your risks of infection, and can give you a list of soft or cool foods that will ease the tenderness and swelling in the treatment area.

Since gum grafting either uses parts of the roof of your mouth or your gum, you might feel some discomfort in the area the tissue was grafted from for at least a few days.

Typically, it should take up to two weeks for your mouth to fully heal. If Dr. Rashbaum chose not to use dissolvable stitches, you'll need to book a follow-up appointment for him to remove them.

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