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The jawbone is the most important part of the mouth, as it provides stability and support for all your teeth. At Fashion District Dental, Justin Rashbaum, DMD, helps men and women living in Midtown West, New York City, resolve issues relating to a damaged jawbone. To do so, Dr. Rashbaum offers cutting-edge bone grafting services. Go online or call the office today to book an appointment at Fashion District Dental.

Bone Grafting Q & A

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting refers to a standard surgical procedure that provides additional support to the jawbone.

If you’ve suffered from a dental accident or had to get a tooth extracted, it’s possible that your jawbone has begun to break down. When this happens, the structural integrity of your teeth’s support system is at risk.

To resolve this issue, Dr. Rashbaum performs a bone grafting procedure, where he takes a small piece of bone from a different area of your mouth and grafts it onto the affected area.

With time, the grafted bone fuses with the original bone, restoring strength and support to your jawbone.

When should you consider bone grafting?

The most common reason why you should consider bone grafting is if you're looking to get dental implants.

During a dental implant procedure, your dentist surgically places titanium posts directly into your jawbone that serve as support for prosthetic teeth. If your jawbone density isn’t strong enough to accommodate the metal posts, Dr. Rashbaum might recommend bone grafting to strengthen the area.

Dr. Rashbaum also recommends bone grafting if you have an advanced case of gum disease. In this case, certain areas of your jawbone might have been damaged by bacteria and inflammation. Dr. Rashbaum suggests bone grafting to restore your chewing ability and restore the damaged jawbone.

Another less common reason why you should consider bone grafting is if you have jaw dysfunction because of a congenital disability or traumatic injury. In this extreme case, Dr. Rashbaum takes a piece of bone from another area of your body to replace the damaged or missing bone.

What should you expect after a bone grafting procedure?

Since bone grafting is a surgical procedure, Dr. Rashbaum needs to administer a local anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel anything. After the procedure, you’ll need to wait for the anesthesia to wear off before going home. Make sure someone is available to pick you up.

Once home, you might experience minor bleeding and pain in the treatment area. Not to worry, as this should dissipate within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, get in touch with Dr. Rashbaum immediately. He might also give you antibiotics as a precaution against infection and useful advice to make sure your mouth can heal properly.

Once your natural jawbone has successfully assimilated the grafted bone, you can discuss dental implants or any other procedure with Dr. Rashbaum.

Learn more about bone grafting by booking an appointment at Fashion District Dental today by phone or online.

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