Have you ever thought about whitening your teeth? You’re not alone. Today, whitening your teeth is more effective, more affordable and healthier with Supersmile at-home whitening products. Supersmile® is fast and convenient and works on stained and discolored teeth to give you the winning smile that you deserve, without any sensitivity. 

What is Supersmile?

Supersmile was established in 1987 by Lucia Smigel, the current President and CEO, and built upon the formulas created by her husband, renowned dental innovator Dr. Irwin Smigel. They offer a wide range of products designed for fast and efficient tooth whitening. Dr. Justin Rashbaum, the QVC Spokesperson for Supersmile’s complete line of oral care products, is passionate about the quality of the Supersmile product. That’s why he recommends Supersmile at-home tooth whitening treatments to his patients at Fashion District Dental.

What is the advantage of using Supersmile over other whitening products?

Supersmile has been welcomed as the number one at-home whitening system that cosmetic dentists recommend over any other. The products are gentle and non-abrasive, unlike some products that can scratch the tooth enamel and leave it porous.  Supersmile is backed by extensive 3rd party clinical testing, showing that it whitens teeth up to 6 shades while effectively remineralizing enamel.

Supersmile’s main proprietary ingredient, Calprox®, eliminates the sticky film known as protein pellicle that allows bacteria, plaque, and stains to form. Additional ingredients include fluoride, calcium, magnesium, and phosphates that help to provide healthy teeth and gums.

These ingredients are gentle, which means Supersmile can be used daily as part of an oral care routine. There are no extra steps involved in using it, either: You simply brush your teeth with Supersmile and continue with your day.

How long will it take to see results?

Individual results will vary from person to person. Typically, results can be seen anywhere from three to five days, but for some people with deeper staining, it could take a little longer. The whitening process is gradual, and many factors will determine the exact amount of time the process will take. Some of these factors include:

Age of the user

Medication currently being used

Eating habits

Previous dental work

How deep the stains are rooted

Who can use Supersmile products?

Supersmile is safe and effective for use on all types of teeth including veneers, crowns, and dentures. The products don’t contain harsh ingredients and are safe for use by those who are pregnant or nursing. 

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